DOH-Mimaropa starts teaching basic physical therapy to family caregivers in Marinduque

QUEZON CITY, July 15 (PIA) —- The Department of Health Mimaropa is now training family caregivers basic physical therapy exercises.

Family caregivers are called informal caregivers such as a family member, friend, or neighbor who provides care to an individual who has an acute or chronic condition who needs assistance.

Some patients, Regional Director Eduardo C. Janairo noted, have families that are providing some level of care and support from bathing, dressing, and taking medications to tube feeding and ventilator care.

“Caregivers must be prepared for their family member’s discharged from a hospital. They should be directed to cope with the emotional and physical challenges during the critical period of recovery. Caregiving is a demanding work, they should be given due importance and recognition for them to become productive,” Director Janairo said

The first batch of the “Transfer of Physical Therapy Skills to Caregivers of Telemedicine Patients Training” initiated by Damian Reyes Provincial Hospital Officer-in-Charge Ruby Ephraim M. Rubiano. under the telemedicine program in Marinduque.

Damian Reyes Provincial Hospital pioneered in the region in allotting rooms exclusively for the sick elderly

According to Director Janairo, the training will be extended to all caregivers of the region as part of the commitment of the health department to develop the skills and strengthen the capabilities of health workers for them to become an effective partner in the delivery of basic health services to the community.

“The importance of this training is to impart the essential therapy exercises to family caregivers so that they may continue the various exercises being given to the patient at the hospital and resume it at home after they are discharged,” Director Janairo said.

The trainees at the Damian Reyes Provincial Hospital were instructed to do a set of exercises known as “Range of Motion” which decreases the pain, swelling and stiffness in the joints of the body. The “Range of motion”, the amount of movement in each joint, helps in the circulation of blood and physical movement of the body

“The continuity of these exercises is important for the recovery of the patient that is why immediate members of the patient’s family were included in the training,” Director Janairo added, “It is important that these individuals (patients who needed other people’s assistance) be given the proper information to be able to provide proper care and receive guidance from the formal health care providers.” (LP/PIA4B)


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