DTI-OrMin penalizes establishments with fake ICC stickers

CALAPAN, Oriental Mindoro, Mar 18 (PIA) – The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)-Oriental Mindoro has penalized recently three business establishments that sell electrical products with fake Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) stickers and substandard monobloc chairs and electric tapes in the towns of Pinamalayan and Roxas.

Two business establishments in Roxas, which names are currently held, were found selling PVC electrical tapes, extension cord, receptacle, compact fluorescent lamp, circular fluorescent lamp and electrical plugs with fake ICC stickers. Other business firm caught was selling electrical tapes and substandard Monobloc chairs that are proven uncertified and substandard by DTI authorities.

In Pinamalayan town, electrical plugs, circular fluorescent lamps, compact fluorescent lamp, extension cord, receptacles and electrical tapes were also found with fake ICC stickers.

In a press statement issued by DTI-Oriental Mindoro Provincial Office, the agency emphasizes Department Administrative Order No. 2, series of 2007 which prohibits the manufacture/selling/importation and distribution of goods/products without the required permits/licenses or marking/labels issued by the Bureau of Philippine Standards (BPS).

DTI provincial office here disclosed that their Regional Monitoring and Enforcement Team (RMET) has regularly conducted the on the spot inspection, monitoring and enforcement of products falling under DTI’s jurisdiction as authorized by DTI-Mimaropa Regional Director Joel B. Valera pursuant to Department Order No. 48, series of 2008. These inspection activities are strictly implemented in the five provinces of Mimaropa region.

Fines amounting to P10,000 each were collected from the three erring establishments after investigation. DTI OrMin Provincial Director Arnel E. Hutalla reminded the owners/officers/authorized representatives of said business establishments that a stiffer penalty shall be imposed against them should they fail to cease and desist from selling uncertified/substandard products in the future. (DTI/LTC/PIA-Mimaropa/Calapan)

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